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Students eagerly take photos of  unique spaces.
Stained glass window of the Nativity at Christmas.
Sunlit entry and open doors to the sacred.
  • Who Can Come?
    Universities, colleges, high schools, grade schools, alumni, and faculty all enjoy the Catholic Church Tour immersive experience. We can create a special tour for your group, or assist with an event, symposium or lecture series to include a higher investigation of the arts, culture and music rooted in the Catholic Church.
  • How Long?
    Your tour can be a half day of school or full day.
  • Where To?
    Our tour list has over 100 beautiful Catholic churches in three different states. They include cathedrals, shrines, basilicas and charming, out of the way little churches.
  • How Many Churches?
    Student groups visit three or four churches and related destinations. Let us know if you have a destination preference, but typically, teachers simply have us set it all up. We can weave in lessons on a variety of topics, for history, math, art, Confirmation etc.
  • Who Guides Us?
    Our guides are architects, teachers and others who enjoy sharing their expertise and passion. Your guide will meet you at the first church and stay with you throughout the entire tour. He provides art, history and architecture explanations, time for photos or silent worship.
  • How Much?
    Our Basic Youth ticket is $20 and includes college students. We encourage groups with a majority of underprivileged youth to talk with us. A seasonal Catholic Schools Discount may apply.
  • How to Set It Up?
    It’s easy to set up. Just fill out our form or give us a call 312-869-2286 Here’s what we will need to know: • School Name, address, and teacher contact info • Grade(s) and approximate number of participants expected • The date(s) that will work for your class field trip(s) • The time you will leave the school and when you want to return • Your lunch preference: Lunch is paid on your own, but you can eat at a: Restaurant - we can help you decide where. Park: free, and weather permitting Church hall: $100 Eat en-route
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