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Creative Ways to Give

Support Catholic Church Tours
with a Donation Today!

Catholic Church Tours is a 501(c)3 non-profit that runs on the shared gifts and talents of many - a collaborative effort initiated by generations past and continued by circumspect people. 

Your donation allows us to continue educating and inspiring others through a guided exploration of beauty and an unique experience of the sacred!


Donate by check:

Catholic Church Tours

1123 N. Ohio St., Unit 1

Chicago, IL 60642

Match your Gift: Click to see if your company is on the list!


We train architects, artists, teachers, and others to guide Catholic Church Tours. Guides open opportunities for lively discussion as they open doors to beauty and the transcendent. They travel and learn while paving avenues for others to connect across cultures.  Join us! 


Are you good
at the ‘little things’?
Help us grow
and maintain meaningful connections
to open the “Little Rome” right near home. 

St Gabriel.jpg

Work with us to get the word out! Refer a school, your park district, a local club or church. Regular and seasonal assistance needed. 


We have a longstanding appreciation for oral tradition – can you help us get it recorded? Videographers, research nerds, historians, data geeks welcome! 


A Special Focus is our Youth! 


Sponsor a Student: $20


Underwrite a Class: $900


Support a Youth Group: $150


Offer a prayer: priceless

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