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Who We Are

Catholic Church Tours is a not-for profit specializing in enjoyable, local day trips to places where heaven meets earth. We work with many individuals, institutions, volunteers and donors to bring each visitor into a place where he or she may discover new heights of beauty and explore the sacred in an enjoyable, memorable day trip.


What We Do


Catholic Church Tours open up the acoustics, history, art, or architecture to over 100 different Catholic Churches and related destinations, including Roman and Byzantine rite cathedrals, basilicas, churches and shrines!


Experienced guides makes these architectural beauties easily accessible and understandable. 

Something like a movement in a symphony or act in an opera - each stop on the tour opens different, exemplary places  in profound ways.

It is an experience for every soul!

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upcoming events.

How You Can Help

Would you like to effectively engage schools, park districts, art clubs, or others in an unforgettable day trip? Are you able to sponsor a group or a student? Are you a research nerd? Do you have stories about the old neighborhood or those sisters who taught you more than just math? Let's talk about gifts you would like to share!

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