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Where do you fit in? See a sampling of our most popular visitor groups below. All are welcome. Packages/prices can be tailored for your group, large or small. Let us arrange a good meal at a local restaurant. Would you like us to prepare rooms for a private out-of-office staff meeting or youth retreat in addition to the tour? Please contact us with your ideas!

1. Professionals, Event Planners, Conference Organizers

Touring Chicago’s Catholic Churches is not exactly the typical company picnic or sports game. It is extraordinary, inspirational, and quite concrete.
Catholic Church Tours provides a unique opportunity for your staff, board members and guests to retreat from the usual routine, gain a fresh perspective, and return to work with renewed vision of what can be accomplished.

Your companies’ special patrons and out-of-town guests will enjoy this part of Chicago’s history and cultural heritage richly displayed in our churches. Hearing stories of the many obstacles and the parishioners’ perseverance, and then experiencing the result of their creative solutions, is worth the trip. Come; take a look; enter the work the church is.

Special note for Non-Profits: With the burdensome 16-25% employment turn over rate charitable organizations face, consider Chicago Church Tours an ally in retaining and sustaining your mission. Whether you are fundraising, feeding the hungry, or energizing volunteers, everyone needs perspective. Catholic Church Tours is committed to assist with that.

2. Parents & Families

Welcome home. The doors are open! Your family may miss out on opportunities to enter foreign cathedrals. They may miss the chance to be filled with the silence of God in rare locations across the globe. They do not have to miss the stunning sacred places right here at home. Relatives, coming for weddings or for other family gatherings, will enjoy the unique opportunity to explore Chicago’s historic churches with you. A trip like this is a great way to bond within the family, to enjoy a rich heritage, and to offer a time of new exploration. Answer that question of, “What do you want to do?” with, “Catholic Church Tours”.

3. Church Leaders

Catholic churches were created to speak the language of God to us and for Him. Catholic Church Tours open that dialogue right in the heart of Illinois. They are multi-layered tours, working like an interactive parable, one that is told in concrete, mortar, brick and brilliant glass. When visitors experience this parable, positive feedback, enthusiasm, repeat visits and deepening relationships are inevitable.

To provide this tangible, visible experience of our church to those seeking God, contact Catholic Church Tours. It is easy. We can discuss thematic options, advantageous tour dates and times and any other, particular considerations. Call it a field trip, call it a retreat, or day trip - call us to schedule your group now.

Don’t forget these groups!: RCIA, Confirmation Classes, Youth Groups, Retreat Participants, Women or Men’s Clubs, Parent Organizations,  Parish Staff, Eucharistic Ministers

4. Education & Recreation Facilitators

Catholic Church Tours carefully selects sacred places with the specific intent of inviting conversation for the mind and soul. Each individual, regardless of faith, age, intellect, or experience is welcome to join the church tours. Powerful cultural, and spiritual forces underlying Chicago’s neighborhoods are manifest in the city’s Catholic churches. We invite you into deeper appreciation of the arts and culture Chicago has to offer through them.  These architectural beauties, rooted in Chicago culture, inspire, motivate, and educate.

Catholic Church Tours provides the perfect field trip for many reasons in many areas including art, culture, history and religion.  Supplemental educational materials or related curriculum suggestions may be provided upon request. Consult with Catholic Church Tour staff to learn more about the educational benefits and discuss further details. Let us arrange it for you.

5. Seniors

Many of you may have wanted to visit the beautiful churches built by our ancestors and learn about the origin of those churches:  ethnicity, history, architectures, windows, etc.  You now have the opportunity to do so!

Chicago Church Tours opens the doors to rich cultural insights.  These universal worship spaces reveal the deep reverence and joy of both hidden and visible realities.  They will provide a challenge to the intellect and memory and openan opportunity for you to enjoy and share something new.  Daytime visits to some of the most exquisite houses of worship in Illinois are now available to you. Come, join us soon.

6. Travelers & Individuals

Visiting Chicago? Welcome! Boatloads of tourists find taverns, historical landmarks, and sporting events to entertain themselves. Try the Illinois churches. It’s something unique – and inspiring - a worthy challenge to your camera lens.

The Archdiocese of Chicago has over 365 churches engineered for travelers to enter into a new and unique place, a sacred place, unlike anything to be experienced outside those walls.  Find a friend, find a reason and do join us soon! Art and culture, history and mystery lie behind heavy hewn doors. Let us open them to you. All are welcome.


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